Loyalty Card T&Cs

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Set out below are the terms and conditions of the Townrow Reward Scheme promoted and operated by Townrow. These terms and conditions govern the collection and redemption of Townrow Loyalty points associated with the Townrow Reward card.

Terms & Conditions
• The terms set up the contract between C.J Townrow Ltd and you, the Townrow Reward Scheme card holder.
• The Townrow Reward Scheme is open to all UK residents aged 18 or above, excluding any person eligible for Townrow staff discount.
• Points are issued on qualifying purchases made within Townrow stores excluding gift vouchers, gift cards, and any non-participating departments.
• Points cannot be transferred from one Townrow Reward card to another.
• Points shall become invalid when the Townrow Reward account is closed and may not be subsequently redeemed.
• C.J Townrow Ltd will close any Townrow Reward account on which no points have been earned or redeemed for a continuous period of at least 12 months.
• C.J Townrow Ltd can take any action it considers appropriate if it has reason to believe that the Townrow Reward card holder is abusing the scheme.
• The Townrow Reward card holder must register their details and keep C.J Townrow Ltd informed of any changes. C.J Townrow Ltd cannot be held responsible for any loss of points or vouchers incurred as a result of out of date details, or for delayed or undeliverable mail, email or SMS.
• The Townrow Reward card remains the property of C.J Townrow Ltd, and must be returned upon request. Loss of the Townrow Reward card must be reported immediately to C.J Townrow Ltd.
• These terms are subject to English law, C.J Townrow Ltd’s liability for a breach of these terms shall be limited to you. If you suffer loss as a result of such breach, our sole liability shall be to credit you with Townrow Loyalty points in the event that such Townrow Loyalty points were incorrectly deducted or should have been credited but were not. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communication, including advertising, marketing or promotional material, these terms shall prevail.
• C.J Townrow Ltd reserves the right to amend or terminate the Townrow Reward Scheme or these terms and conditions at its sole discretion any time, with or without notice.

Privacy and Data Protection
• By registering for a Townrow Reward card, C.J Townrow Ltd will collect and use information about each Townrow Reward card holder, including the registration details, information about the use of the Townrow Reward card, purchases and other information that the Townrow Reward card holder gives C.J Townrow Ltd.
• C.J Townrow Ltd may analyse the Townrow Reward card holder’s information to understand shopping behaviour and to send the Townrow Reward card holder information, offers and promotions for the products or services which are most likely to be of interest.
• C.J Townrow Ltd will never release a Townrow Reward card holder’s personal details to any company outside C.J Townrow for mailing or marketing purposes.

Collection of Townrow Reward points
• To activate, a Townrow Reward card registration form needs to be completed and given to a member of staff in.
• Points can be accrued on a Townrow Reward card, but will not be redeemable until the Townrow Loyalty card has been activated.
• Points are awarded for every complete £1 spent on all qualifying purchases.
• The Townrow Reward card needs to be presented at time of purchase in store.
• Reward points can retrospectively be added to your Townrow Reward Card up to 28 days after purchase, ask in store for details.

Redeeming Townrow Reward points
• The Townrow Reward card holder may redeem any current available points at point of purchase.
• The Townrow Reward card holder has the option of redeeming all available points or a specific number of them at the point of purchase.
• Balances can be checked at any till point in store.

Returning Goods
• If a product is refunded, proof of purchase in the form of a valid receipt, will be required to allow deduction of points from the Townrow Reward card.
• If a product purchased with Townrow Reward points is returned, the number of points used for the original purchase will be credited to the Townrow Reward card. No cash refund will be given in these circumstances.
• This does not affect your statutory rights